Dating antique medicine bottles, bottle molds and seam dating

You can find free articles here on bottle basics, reproductions, what federal law prohibits, and drug bottles. Cork top bottles generally vanished at the turn of this century. Other information on this website usually must be reviewed to fine tune the information about a specific bottle.

Viewers are encouraged, for personal or classroom use, to download limited copies of posted material. There are other things to take into consideration when evaluating old bottles. The cost of a bottle can go up or down depending on how many people want that particular type of bottle for their collection. But the process was completed in a single blow. We have recently found a Dr.

Finding a one-hundred-year-old Coke bottle might put a few dollars in your pocket should you decide to sell it. The more rare a bottle color, the more collectors may want it. Bottle looks good with a few water stians. If a particular bottle was created in an unusual color, then these are more collectible as well.

The pressure from the automatic machine was strong and the molds fit tight leaving only a very thin line. What type of bottle is it? Got A Question about Your Bottle? Please post over at the forum with a photograph. There is frequent hyper-linking between the diagnostic characteristics and terminology listed on this page and other website pages.

Dating Your Old Bottles

Vintage Medicine Bottles

Determining the Value of Old Bottles

For brevity, most of the specific references are not noted in the key's narratives. Beginning collectors often confuse an Owen's ring with a pontil mark and it is easy to see why this happens. If it has a registration diamond mark on the base, you can date it quite accurately. Instead, there is one located near the base of the neck indicating that the neck ring mold portion of the parison mold produced the finish, neck, and a portion of the shoulder. The earlier green glass ink bottle is also certainly machine-made, most likely on an early semi-automatic, blow-and-blow machine based on its crudeness and lack of a suction scar.

Where can I go for more information on historic bottles? Slowly the corked top bottle began to disappear in favor of the screw top. Notice how sharp and fine the mold seam line is.

Dating Antique Bottles

Can you tell me anything about this bottle? The second individual had never seen one. There are huge numbers of bubbles and impurities in the glass.

The Condition of the Bottle

Vintage Medicine Bottle

Vintage Medicine Bottle
  1. Eric, This is an great question.
  2. The food and household product industries on the other hand widely adopted the screw cap quickly.
  3. The price guide is included in the basic account, and you'll get actualized pricing for bottles from medicines to colognes to whiskey bottles and more.
  4. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!
  5. The information on this website will, however, usually produce a reliable manufacturing date range for a majority of American utilitarian bottles manufactured from the early s to the midth century.


When a dating sequence dead ends, it will be noted and other website pages suggested and hyperlinked for the user to consult. Newman's key made a noble attempt at simplifying bottle dating, but is weakened by the fact that the subject is much too complex to be conducive to such a simple approach by itself. This entire website is essentially a key to the dating and typing of bottles.

In the neck on the right notice how just below the collar the mold seam goes complete around the neck. On the bottom there is a symbol that has what looks like an O or a circle with a diamond on it and another small thing inside of that. There are a lot of reproduction bottles out there, and new ones that look old are made every day.


All turn-mold bottles are round in cross section and unless stained, will usually have a polished looking sheen to the glass surface. Digger Odell Publications provides some information and plenty of paid guides on various types of bottles. They are noted on the other website pages which expand on the information summarized in the key. Please use the discussion forum for such requests. The glass itself is commonly thick, free online greek dating site heavy and distorted in shape.

Guidelines for Determining the Age of Antique Bottles

Bold and garish colors are also rare in antique bottles, so beware of bright reds, greens, yellows and purples. An accurate and thorough price guide for old and antique bottles is an essential tool when starting a collection of your own. You can check the value of antique bottles sold in the past by accessing the free online price guide. This closure can be found on Whisky and medicine bottles of the period.

The pictures below are from two early machine made medicine bottles. Both of these medicine bottles look much like their earlier counterparts. There is also no neck ring mold seam immediately below the finish like found on most Owens machine produced bottles and on a majority of all machine-made bottles.

It is important to know how to evaluate them as well as enjoy their beauty. Being able to accurately identify old bottles is a skill that takes practice and experience. Thousands of people ask Digger questions about their bottles. That is the point of this website.


The Age of the Bottle

In short, dating website china there was and is nothing to stop a glassmaker from using an obsolete method in the production of a bottle. Apparently to denote measurements. This is done to allow the user to get more information or clarification as they proceed through the key.

Determining the Value of Old Bottles


What technology, techniques, or processes were used to manufacture the bottle? Where did the bottle come from, i. Rarity can be hard to determine.

  • The seams seem to run only partially up the neck of the bottle with a smooth lip.
  • The author has also seen Star Bitters labels on Wait's bottles as well as both labels on the immensely period popular Hostetter's Stomach Bitters bottles!
  • We can always have some indication of a starting date for a technique if we can find who first put the idea into practice.
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