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As you approach the site, turn the wheel slightly to the left, then the right, and back to the left. That will save you from having to reconnect and move sites good tip! Now open the gray tank valve and allow it to drain completely and flush the sewer hose out at the same time. Make sure you use an approved drinking water hose for the supply and store it away from the drain hose equipment. Have been following and learning with you from the beginning of your adventures.

  1. Does someone now make a spiral hose for drinking purposes.
  2. Open the locking tabs on the outside range hood vent door if you plan to use the range exhaust fan.
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  4. Pull the wrong valve and things can get messy very quickly.
  5. You will also likely need an ax, some type of firestarter, and matches or a lighter.
  6. Moisture-wicking underwear.

If you are not staying at a campsite with a freshwater hook-up, you might need to fill up before you go. As well, a water regulator is often required when hooking up to a municipal water source. When you are hooked up to a city water supply do not use the volt water pump.

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Setting Up and Breaking Down Camp in a Travel Trailer

  • If your water heater has a bypass kit on it make sure that it is not in the bypass mode.
  • Pull enough power cord from the compartment to reach the campground electrical connection.
  • It didn't take long for me to respond that it was the people you meet at the campground.
  • Pens, pencils and marking pens.
  • Open valves let odors into the rig and worse, allow liquid to drain out and solids to stay in the tank and pyramid!

RV Newbie Setup Checklist - Keep Your Daydream

Check tow vehicle fluid levels oil, transmission, brake, coolant, power steering. Music player with headphones. An emergency warning light trouble light.

Click the checklist to download! We have created an easy-to-print checklist download. Pop Ups see separate checklist.

Water pressure Check the water pressure before connecting. Cooking pot set with pot lids. Mallet or hammer for driving tent stakes.

RV Checklists 6 Printable Packing Lists

Take into consideration where slide outs will be and if there is room to put the awning out. Some items may not apply to you or may not be necessary for every type of departure. If at all possible try to avoid using an extension cord.

Safe travels to you and thank you for the check list. In addition, be sure to bring parts that are unique to your rig. Be sure and get a good seal and connection. Confirm that slot has expected facilities electricity with correct amperage and plugs, water, sewer, girl etc.

RV Arrival & Setup Checklist Trailers

RV Arrival & Setup Checklist Trailers

Just be sure no one accidentally turns it back up and be aware of the pressure on your taps. Before you leave, check all connections and make sure you have any additional attachments necessary. This was the first time I had to use it and it worked out great.

If you have an auxiliary battery disconnect switch for the coach battery s it should be on. Level the rig before extending the sliderooms. You may want the patio side away from the glaring sun in the afternoon, or you may want to see a beautiful sunset.

Dumping the black tank before its near full can cause problems. Electric coffee pot and filters. If you will be preparing food, you will need to pack a grill and utensils. So first things first, perrie edwards and jade check that you have all of the sewage hoses and fittings you need before you go.

Hydraulic jack suitable for the weight of your vehicle. Is that hose good for drinking water? Not to mention how hard it is to sleep in a bed when you keep rolling onto the floor. If you are camping in extreme heat, check to see what side the refrigerator will be parked on during the heat of the day.

Setting Up and Breaking Down Camp in a Travel Trailer

What To Take RV Camping

Packing food is always a good idea to reduce the overall costs of your trip. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This isn't always an easy decision, with pros and cons for both. Stove-top coffee pot and filters.

Dump Hose Connect your dump hose to the dump station if applicable but leave the valves closed. Contact lenses and solution. If you like a few creature comforts or are heading out for a long road trip, set off with everything you need, what not to do when and you will be a self-contained oasis. It is the smaller of the two valves.

6 Quick Tips for RV Beginners

However, knowing the basics is important to having a stress-free trip. If you want hot water at this time be sure that the water heater tank is full of water before you light it. The urge to be spontaneous is tempting when your home is on wheels. Skyscanner gives me the best deals in flights. The purpose of this checklist is to provide a basic system of what to do when you arrive at your site.

RV Departure Checklist Trailers

Camp saw or ax for firewood. Lay down and pad large items which may fall or shift chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. Confirm that all safety devices have been correctly applied. Campground Set-up By Mark J. Put out your awning and set up the campsite.

For example, if your drawers pop open, which they often do, you need to find a way to keep them shut. You will want plenty of water in the gray tank at this time to help flush the sewer hose out. Swimsuits pants and shirts. Follow the instructions for the type of water heater you have.

Always open the black tank valve first and then the grey water tank. If slot has no sewer facilities, drive to dump station and empty waste tanks, if needed. Electrical supply Check the electrical supply at the campground before plugging in.

Water jugs and volt transfer pump. Check the stove and oven before opening the valve to make sure they are not on. Record towing miles in trailer log book ending miles minus starting miles.

Being prepared will help keep you safe and help buy you time in case of an emergency. Your article was very informative and much was learned. Close gray tank valves to collect water for flushing sewer hose after dumping black tank. Such great information and experiences!

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