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It has been produced for centuries and by many different masters. In many cases, when defeat was inevitable, they would launch a suicide attack known as the banzai charge. The sword is dated using the Chinese Zodiac system. By self-appraising your samurai sword, you can pre-determine its price which will serve as a factor when choosing between having it professionally-appraised or not.

Seki stamp is placed at base of tang. This section of the site provides various examples. The Katana is the most popular and more valuable Samurai sword.

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All fittings are consistent with a late war piece. Determining the worth of your samurai sword requires a certain degree of expertise that only trained professional appraisers have. This sword, often nearly three feet in length, was thrust through the girdle, edge-upward.

While the swords displayed on this page may not be for sale, we have a large selection of Samurai swords in our store at MilitaryItems. These were very popular war souvenirs. Rebellion style mountings. Moreover, collectors are keen to purchasing new unique and genuine samurai swords further increasing their market value. Manufactured by Tadatoshi.


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The practice of using human bodies was begun as a means of crime control, for instance, the sentence for a convicted thief would probably be the loss of a hand or arm. The Wakisashi was meant to be worn as a companion to the Katana. This is a machine made blade with a Seki stamp on the tang. The tsuba is of the same era. If you have a sword you want to sell us or if you simply have questions about your sword, hockey hook up feel free to contact us.

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If any money depends on the information you hope to find here e. In many cases the second inscription is a date, so it will pay you to learn the kanji which represent some of the numbers in Japanese so you are able to recognise this. Mountings are traditional and damaged.

The blade is in good condition and has a Bohi on both sides. Complete with a Kiku flower. The actual value of your samurai sword is the amount that the collector is willing to pay for it. Katana with locking mechanism - Need to translate. Antique samurai sword value An easy-to-follow guide to find out the worth of old samurai swords.


Then, the sword smith heated the entire edge over his pine charcoal fire until the proper temperature judged by the color of the heated metal was reached. Any dents, cracks and chips on the sharp edge of the blade will devalue the sword. The entire thing is of metal construction. The shape, smite league matchmaking color and construction can provide many clues about the age of the sword.

Each blade has a story to tell and it is told by its various characteristics. The date of manufacture, when shown, is usually found on the other side of the tang. The following are photos of various Wakisashi swords.


Scabbard wrapped in brown leather. Below is a chart of the basic numbers used for days and months. There are many eras, so the reading of the first two characters should be carefully researched to give you an approximation of the date. Small insects are placed in several areas. The scabbard section is marked with black Japanese characters.

This information is provided to you courtesy of MilitaryItems. Sword - This is a very nice Tanto knife made by Gassan Sadakazu. The handle is wrapped in the standard military cloth. The scabbard is covered in brown leather. As a result of the forging and finishing process, the un-tempered portion of the blade Hada of the Japanese sword frequently shows a unique patterning of the metal similar to wood grain.

  • This page discusses its history and anatomy.
  • The sword has a snap that clips to the scabbard.
  • The blade is an older piece.
  • The blade has been shortened and remounted.
  • The tip does not have any chips.
  1. Gaining an understanding of the sword requires learning about the different components that make out the weapon as well as the traditions behind the sword.
  2. The blade is mounted in a storage container.
  3. Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana sword made by Nagamitsu.
  4. Naval Samurai Katana Sword - Need to translate.
  5. The handle and scabbard are of traditional type.

Certain patterns of file marks on the tang are also distinctive, aiding the expert in determining the authenticity and dating of the sword. First, there are three basic types of archaic Japanese dating to be considered. However, this dating system was abandoned after the war. The greatest Japanese sword smiths led a religious form of life, abstaining from all excesses, and accompanying each step of the work with prayer and ritual.

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The blade has some damage to the spine. Understanding the Samurai sword can be a complicated task. Therefore, inscriptions containing these two characters are often avoided and alternative characters are used instead. The blade has a beautuifully carved dragon.

JAPANESE SWORD - Zodiacal Dating System

Japanese Sword Katana Sword Fitting New

Each has its own worth in the sword collecting market. It was developed during the Momoyama period. The handle is wrapped in the weather-proofed format. This was the primary weapon of the Samurai warrior. The pure elegance of the Samurai sword is captivating.

How to Read Date Inscriptions on Japanese Swords

The tang has a Seki stamp. The mei is always written on the nakago such that it faces outwards away from the body when the sword is being worn. The sword comes with the officer's tassle. Piles upon piles of the swords were gathered near the ports and were thrown into the ocean. Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana sword.

Before the implementation of the Gregorian calendar the Japanese used the lunisolar calendar. Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana sword made by Tomoshige. Swords were tested only by licensed testers at official testing grounds. Created by swordsmith Kanetomo during the month of June. The following are examples of Katana swords.

These decorations are known as menuki. The more elaborate the engravings are, the more expensive the sword becomes. Place a magnet near the blade of your samurai sword.

Antique samurai sword value

Nengo and eto are commonly used and even sometimes used together. Manufactured in october of by swordsmith Yasu Oki. The blade has been shortened.

Welcome to Nihonto Antiques - Japanese Sword Restoration

Here is a link to a list of nengo to help you on your way. The base of the handle has several markings. The stamp consists of a factory logo. The Tsuba is nicely decorated.

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